World Week is an exciting educational program that encourages understanding and raises awareness of important global issues - health, education, environment, justice and peace - and helps people suffering from disease, hunger, human rights abuses, violence and environmental devastation through participating charities.

World Week can be an excellent component of a charity's advocacy, development education, media relations and communications programs. Materials and activities can be customized for specific charitible organizations.

World Week activities and educational materials take a fresh look at some of the toughest issues the world faces today. World Week participants choose educational materials and activities related to issues that interest them - hunger, education, disease, gender discrimination, AIDS, water, environment, war and other related topics.

Helping Charitible Organizations Tell Their Stories

World Week subsidizes trips to document charitible organizations' work in developing countries. For more information on how World Week can help your organization, contact us by e-mail or call (800) 585-3636.

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